The Practice of Giving Something Up

Today is Ash Wednesday, the day that marks the opening day of Lent, a period of atonement and abstention in the Christian, particularly Catholic, tradition.  Although I no longer attend Catholic masses or actively practice many of the traditions, Lent still seems to me to be a powerful time to practice mindfulness, to notice what excesses […]

Up to my neck: the revision process

I’ve spent the past few weeks going through the new book (formerly 100 Breakfasts now officially titled THE SECRET OF EVERYTHING).  Ed and agents came back with suggestions and I had some thing I knew I wanted to smooth and fix, too.   I wish I could say I had a process I use, over and […]

Snippets from the naturalization ceremony

Christopher Robin gained his US citizenship on Wednesday.  It’s a fairly long process, involving interviews and tests and proof of travel dates outside of the country (try figuring out exactly when you traveled for the past decade).  We went up to Denver in the morning for the naturalization ceremony.  It was remarkably moving.  The ceremony […]

Peaceful moderation

I’m skipping yoga this morning.  Ordinarily, this class is one I look forward to all week, taught by a woman who has a radiant peacefulness I find centering and powerful.   But this morning, my shoulders are still bothering me.  I’ve had two falls while walking dogs in recent weeks, and both knees still have the […]

If I were in charge of medals

The ranch I visited last week was purchased a chunk at a time by a single minded man who wanted to make sure the land doesn’t all end up as houses (or other such land-devouring things). It’s now a substantial spread, 5000 acres, and you get the feeling as he drives you around (gleefully elliciting […]