Australia Wrap Up

I posed some expectations and questions about Australia before I left.  Now that roar of travel has settled back into normal life, I can take a look from this side.  How were my expectations met or not, shifted or not?  With travel, there are the things you think you know, and the things you don’t […]

Dusk at Ylarra

This became very long.  Sometimes, a musing requires more time.  I hope you’ll enjoy walking with me through the outback. Since my return from Oz, the memory images that rise most insistently are about the days at Ylarra.    When I finally emptied my suitcase, the bottom was covered with a fine layer of red dust, […]

Where expectation is still pure

Two days to go before I leave for Australia. What are my goals? What are my expectations? Goals: To take great photos. To look for those excellent, beautiful, telling things that will illuminate the experience for me, and for you. To be like a sponge, wide open and without judgment, and absorb absolutely everything for […]

Standing still

On our last morning in New York, I took a quick look around, at the black and white wallpaper and the framed vintage magazine prints and the chandaliers made of plastic beads and thought, as I did several times over our stay,  “I wish I could stay in this happy moment a little bit longer.” […]

The Unbearable Excitement

So, I haven’t been here much. I’m teaching a couple of classes, writing quite a few essays and articles, and plotting out the new book. Feeling exasperated that I still haven’t had a training walk. Sunday, the weather was miserable again–not awful, just that blustery cold that makes you (me) want to kill someone if […]