I actually wrote this yesterday, Tuesday, but somehow put it in my drafts folder instead of the published folder.   Today is better still, after a massage yesterday afternoon (ouch!) Also, a link to a few more photos from the walk.  Yesterday, I was pleased  to realize my body felt okay.   A little weary, but that’s […]

Training log, avon walk

Miles today: 16 Miles this week:  34 Ipod on shuffle, and heard things I didn’t even know were on there. Feet are sore tonight for no reason I can name, except maybe just being on them a lot.   I ran out of water for the first time ever.  And I saw a lilac bush […]

Showing up, showing up, showing up

It’s already Wednesday and I haven’t posted the training log from the weekend. Here it is, because I promised myself I would post it every week, to be true to the process of observation and training. Training log for last week: Truth: I took Saturday off because I was tired and sick of having something […]