I’ve had the flu all week, my annual pre-spring collapse, which seems to be brought on by the blustery winds and fires and my longing for March snows.   Instead of writing, as I planned, I’ve been curled up in my bed, watching movies and reading books.  One of the things I’m reading is Geraldine Brooks’ […]

Darling little devils

One more note on Tassie: we saw the famed Tasmanian Devils.   Check out these adorable little faces: They were waiting for lunch, which was hunks of wallabee (fur still attached) and furry little baby chickens.   Watching them eat, you suddenly understand the Walt Disney Tasmanian Devil, swirling around in that whirlwind, all flying […]

Journeying inward

I’ve crept out out of the hotel room, leaving behind my sleeping roommates, and am writing this from the lobby of the Hobart Quest Hotel.  Last night, we sought out the Lark Distillery, where we sampled the local specialties, some whiskey for the others and a taste of the pepperberry (?) liquor, which one of the […]

Red boat

Back from the hike, and I think I might finally have figured out how to upload photos, though not how to edit the size.  So here is one I took last evening: Most of the photos are still on my camera, but I’ll be adding them to Flickr as we go.