Boot Camp For Writers

Writer’s Digest Novel Writing Conference, August 15 – 17, 2014, Los Angeles, CA Plot Your Novel’s Course Move closer to your goal of completing a tightly crafted novel that will capture and keep the attention of publishers and readers. Learn from industry-savvy speakers and deepen your knowledge in focused sessions. All this is brought to […]

Once upon a time…

We’re doing some spring cleaning around here and while transfering files from a box (really) to an actual file cabinet, I found this query.  It ended up leading to my first sale.  The phone number was my mother’s, by the way.  I was too poor to have a phone of my own.

An excellent review and interview

The Gazette Telegraph’s book columnist had some lovely things to say about The Lost Recipe For Happiness: I should add that she most graciously interviewed me and read my book open-mindedly even though I accidentally blindsided her in a blog I wrote for RTB.  Thanks, Anita.  A lady and a scholar.  

Writing as an act of faith

I noticed yesterday that the new book about Columbine is out.  I’m not going to read it.  I remember enough about the day and the subsequent stories to last me the rest of my life.  Enough to say, “what a wretched day” and go on.  But the anniversary will surely mean more coverage, and there […]