How One Writer Persisted

Here is the story of a novel.   It was written in the wee hours before dawn before the writer’s family awakened and needed to be herded off to school.   Before the work of the day began,  before the brain was sullied by the noise of news and commerce and obligations. And when it was finished, […]

The fun side of ebooks

This is what can be fun about the shift in the way books come to market. A Bed of Spices was my first historical. It’s a dark, wildly romantic Romeo and Juliet tale, and I loved it madly. It was, however, set in an unusual location, and it did not sell all that well. Over […]

Once upon a time…

We’re doing some spring cleaning around here and while transfering files from a box (really) to an actual file cabinet, I found this query.  It ended up leading to my first sale.  The phone number was my mother’s, by the way.  I was too poor to have a phone of my own.


“As dark and deep and sweet as chocolate…I wanted to live in this book.”  Sarah Addison Allen  The Lost Recipe for Happiness Barbara O’Neal  “A delectable banquet for the reader, celebrating the things that matter most–family, friendship, food and the healing power of love.”  Susan Wiggs  December 30, 2008    PREORDER:  Barnes and Noble  Borders […]