Sorry to be absent so much lately.  I’m working hard on the 2011 book.  it’s the most ambitious I’ve undertaken so far, and it’s taking all my writing huevos to get it on the page.  I did write a post on setting for Writer Unboxed yesterday, and it has generated some excellent discussion.  Please join in. IN OTHER […]

Lost Recipe arrives today in Australia

     The Lost Recipe for Happiness debuts in Australia today (February 1).  I just heard that it’s on the cover of Good Reading magazine, and  I’m absolutely delighted by the wonderful reviews I’ve been getting from Down Under.  Meanwhile, the US edition is going to a 5th printing next week.  (This is me falling over […]

Interview at Modern Girl Style

Haven’t been the most attentive blogger the past couple of weeks.  Things will slow down soon and I’ll be back nattering on as always.   In the meantime, here’s a link to an interview by Kamela Mirich, at Modern Girl Style. (Such a hip and attractive site!) Anything interesting in your world?  Talk to me.

Juan’s Carne en su Jugo

Alison Kent won an ARC of the Lost Recipe for Happiness, and she made one of the dishes, a soup that is one of my absolute favorites in all the world.   I go to a restaurant on the westside of Colorado Springs just to eat this particular soup.  It took me ages to get the […]

Elena changes her clothes

A NEW COVER FOR THE LOST RECIPE FOR HAPPINESS This is quite a big change.  As my agent said, “If you look at it objectively, this is a pretty interesting example of different ways to look at the same book.” Remember when I showed you the cover for my new book, The Lost Recipe for […]