A beautiful loaf

Jack had to have a bit of surgery this week (he’s fine, he’s fine!) and when I got home from finding out, I didn’t even take off my sweater. I gravitated to the kitchen and started pulling out flour. This is the result, a wheaty loaf, using a small amount of buckwheat in a poolish starter.

Pancake kisses, bacon hugs

THE SECRET OF EVERYTHING is out today! To celebrate, a love song to breakfast. PANCAKE KISSES, BACON HUGS Why breakfast is the secret of everything I suppose I should confess upfront that I am a morning person. I wake up cheery, chatty and at the very first fingers of sunlight creeping over the horizon. I […]

Life With (Bad) Dogs

I have two rescue dogs. You’ve met Jack, my neurotic and stunningly gorgeous Chow mix, who prances more than walks and has been known to do things like bolt through my front window in terror over fireworks (a double-paned mullioned picture window on a bitterly cold New Year’s Eve). Jack is six, and stars as […]


Back in business here after the big server mess yesterday. A post on simple moments to celebrate. Nice to have the blog back, and what do you think of the new colors? (Muchas gracias to HB, once again, for not getting too aggravated with me over messing things up by accident.) Simple moment #1: A […]

Every dog has a purpose under heaven

Jacqueline Mitchard posted today about her Saint Bernard puppy, who is quite, quite adorable. (Seriously, go look at the photo.)  What is it about writers and their animals?  I am ashamed to say that I sometimes forget to carry photos of my children, but there is always a photo of Jack on my cell phone.  […]