Putting Summer Away

Before I forget:  Amazon included In the Midnight Rain in an October special, so it’s .99 for the whole month. If you haven’t read it, now is a good time to grab it. Now…on to the blog…. It’s a slightly overcast morning, and promises to be truly cold and blustery and maybe even snowy tomorrow.  […]

Colorado Springs On Fire

A mountain wildfire started in a canyon nearby the westside of Colorado Springs Saturday.  I noticed the weird pink light in my house and snapped this picture from my office window, of the smoke plume rising above the city: Note the ridge at the base of the smoke column.  That marks the canyon, the wild […]


As I type this, a summery breeze is blowing through my office window.  I can smell lilacs.   The new book, HOW TO BAKE A PERFECT LIFE is finished at last…written, rewritten, given to agent and editor for thorough reads, then revised some more, and returned.  It is on its way.  I’ve seen a mock […]

Did Joan wash her hands at the same sink?

Joan Didion, the celebrated writer, went to Columbia Elementary School for awhile. The old building, made of red sandstone (as well as I can recollect), not the modern version that occupies the lot these days. I have been drunkenly reading her work, admiring the western cleanness, the spare and unsentimental way she captures the world, […]

News and reminders

The Lost Recipe for Happiness has gone back to print for a third time.  Hooray! If you are in Pueblo, please come celebrate a launch party with me on Saturday, January 10, 2-4 pm at Barnes and Noble.  (That’s this Saturday in case your brain is as foggy as mine after the holidays!)   If you’re […]

Of taproots and home towns

Yesterday, weary of the restlessness that has followed me around for two days, I gave up the pretense of getting some pages one and drove to the downtown library. They had a particular book I wanted, but the destination was less the point than the escape. I took care of the little bits of work […]

Local pleasures

Yesterday, CR and I went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo to see the new Rocky Mountain Wild exhibit. This is a zoo worth visiting, truly–not large, but built along the mountain overlooking Colorado Springs, and the exhibits are more and more animal friendly.   We were anxious to see the baby tiger that was partly nutured […]