At last! More blogs.

I had a letter this morning from a reader of this blog, wondering if it had been discontinued. In fact, the exact opposite is true–I’ve given up blogging elsewhere (except for Writer Unboxed once a month) to bring my focus back here. My web mistress is busy behind the scenes doing a facelift and I’ve […]

Boot Camp For Writers

Writer’s Digest Novel Writing Conference, August 15 – 17, 2014, Los Angeles, CA Plot Your Novel’s Course Move closer to your goal of completing a tightly crafted novel that will capture and keep the attention of publishers and readers. Learn from industry-savvy speakers and deepen your knowledge in focused sessions. All this is brought to […]

Wild Fertility

A writing blog today….. I’m in the midst of an enormously fertile period. I’m writing in several genres, including a non-fiction project. This morning I awakened to write the next scene in a book that will eventually become a Barbara O’Neal book. There is soup and a lost child and dogs, but the underpinnings of […]

Cool off with In The Midnight Rain

On special this week at Amazon:  IN THE MIDNIGHT RAIN: Ellie Connor is looking for answers when she arrives in Gideon, Texas to stay in the guest house of Internet pal Blue Reynard.  She’s researching a book about the mysterious disappearance of a woman blues singer in the 1950’s, but she’s also seeking answers to […]

How One Writer Persisted

Here is the story of a novel.   It was written in the wee hours before dawn before the writer’s family awakened and needed to be herded off to school.   Before the work of the day began,  before the brain was sullied by the noise of news and commerce and obligations. And when it was finished, […]


In the moment…… It is a late Friday afternoon in February.  My dog Jack is snoring on the floor behind me. My old cat Athena is comfortably sitting in the sunshine , peering out at the world. The kittens randomly leap on the back of the chair, up to the desk, over to the bookcase, […]

Honoring those who walked with us….

One of the most astonishing sights I have ever seen was a graveyard high on a moody mountaintop in Truchas, New Mexico.  It was the 5th of November, and the entire cemetery exploded with marigolds and pinwheels, with fresh toys and garlands made of red tinsel.  Clouds hung close over the moutains, intensifying all the […]

The Fruit of our Lives

Posted at Writer Unboxed this morning As I write this, it is the last morning of summer. My yearling kittens are crouched in the garden, watching a squirrel on the fence make his way through the face of a sunflower, methodically plucking out striped seeds with his tiny hands, cracking their shells, devouring the kernels. […]