Snow and Books

This is the view from my window just now, with dawn coming from the east to light the mountain on fire. The clouds are the first of what they’re promising will be a big winter storm tonight and tomorrow, possibly bringing a good solid eight inches of snow if we’re lucky.

Maybe you don’t look forward to snow with enthusiasm.  I love it. Love the look of it swirling out of the sky, lighting on trees, blanketing everything so even a dry weed, standing alone in a plot of ground, looks exquisite. I love curling up in bed to read a good book while the wind howls outside. I’m anticipating the pleasure of being trapped inside for a few days in my cozy house with my writing, tea and soup and cats for company, painting and music.  Delicious.

This morning, I’m getting out to a tai chi class and run by the grocery store. A big pot of corn chowder for dinner.

Do you like storms? Snow? What is your favorite cozy weather? 

2 thoughts on “Snow and Books

  1. Candace Lombard

    We are expecting a storm down here in southern California, too. We will get rain where we live, but our local mountains will get snow. So perfect.

    I just finished your Care and Feeding of the Girls in the Basement and I loved it. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

    Think of you often. Looking forward to your next book.

    Candy Lombard

    • Barbara Samuel

      So happy to hear you enjoyed Care & Feeding! It looks like California is going to get a LOT of rain & snow!

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