A Writer Not Afoot

I’m in recovery from a knee surgery last week, so not really coherent enough to write a long post. I’m in that strange convalescent phase that means I drift along like a bottle on the sea, admiring that swath of sunset or the way the light catches on my cat’s whiskers but nothing much more. In the back of my mind, I’m working on my next Barbara O’Neal book, which is taking on a life of its own and going places I didn’t expect, but that’s fairly normal for my process.

I have discovered Scandal, which everyone told me to watch and told me to watch and told me to watch, and once I got past the first episode, it was great. What else would you recommend?

Oh, my monthly column will be up at Writer Unboxed tomorrow, called originally enough Not Writing, about my favorite subject, filling the well. Come on by.

Have you ever had a few weeks of forced inactivity? How did you fill the time? 

5 thoughts on “A Writer Not Afoot

  1. Hope you’re up and about again soon. Funny how our subconscious mind seems to potter along of its own accord.

    • Barbara Samuel

      Thanks, Nick.

  2. Hope you are up and at ’em soon! Oh, and I recommend Affairs of State Kathryn Heigel, Alfre Woodard. It really is a great show.

    • Barbara Samuel

      Thanks, Donna. I’ve seen it advertised. Will check it out.

  3. Hope you are starting to feel better, check out The 100, that is a great show, also life below zero – a National Geographic show about people living in remote Alaska 🙂 its so cool to see how differently other people live. Just finished your Scent of Hours and loved love loved it!! Didn’t want it to end. Will now go buy another of your books 🙂

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