The True Story of Mattie Groves

A Lunch Hour Love Story by Barbara Samuel.


ALL NEW!  A haunting and romantic novella to read on your lunch hour, or in the car pool line, or while you’re waiting for swim practice to end…..


When Rose Lennox arrives in a medieval village in Scotland to help authenticate the grisly find of two lovers in a grave, she is both drawn and repelled by builder Robert Ayer. Big and brooding, darkly handsome, both hostile and hungry, Robert seems to call forth something in Rose that she never knew existed.

As the mystery surrounding the find deepens and Rose falls more and more under the spell of the village, it becomes urgent to discover the truth.  Did Rose love Robert in another life? Did he love her….or kill her?

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3 thoughts on “The True Story of Mattie Groves

  1. aida alberto

    I loved it. Really good story but then I love everything by you.

  2. Loved the story!

  3. Barbara Samuel

    Thank you!

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