New Zealand by the Numbers


Posted from Rotorua

Never have as much time to blog as I imagine I will. I have blogs in process, but haven’t had a chance to pull them together. Look for a post on the earthquake damage in Christchurch, on traveling in a place apparently sort of like your own, and the weird appeal of glow worms upcoming,

In the meantime, on my bad internet connection, a few numbers from NZ:

Cities/towns visited: 9
Ginger beers consumed: 17 (approximately)
Hours spent riding in cars/vans/buses: 22, in 6 stints
Times I could not pronounce a Maori town/bay/mountain name: at least 67
Bays passed: at least 14
Beaches visited: 7 so far
Numbers of “slices” consumed at roadside tea shops: I’m afraid I cannot divulge that information
Bad Internet connections: 8
Good internet connections: 1
Books read: 5, plus pieces of others (so far)
Wineries visited: 1, Saint Clair in Marlborough
Movies missed: 1, The Hobbit in Kaikoura (where evidently there is an intermission to change reels)
Boats/Ferries: 3
Museums: 3
Number of times dear son has sent Nana movies of her granddaughter: 2
Hotel rooms: 6
Times I messaged my sister to find out if cats/dog were okay: 17
Times I asked for pictures of said animals: 2
Helicopter rides: 1
Caves: 3

More to come, friends. My feet are getting tired and we’re sleeping about 10 hours a night, so you know it’s a good holiday!

3 thoughts on “New Zealand by the Numbers

  1. Deborah Tait

    Hope you get to Te Papa at Wellington. Wonderful place.

  2. Sounds like a great vacation. I’ll look forward to the upcoming blogposts. You may need recoup time first, though.

  3. Roberto Luciani

    How’s things, great page however there is a problem whereby sometimes I get redirected to the main page whenever I view other webpages in your blog.

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