This morning, as we finished our in-bed cup of tea, which we take turns making and bringing back upstairs, I realized I had a wish for grapefruit juice.  When we were in DC to see my son, I had fresh squeezed ruby red grapefruit juice every day at Founding Farmers and it stuck with me.  Why, I wondered, didn’t I make this treat for myself at home?

But I never got around to getting a juicer.  This morning, recovering from the extreme press to the end of the MIP, I’m trying to listen carefully to my poor body. It said, grapefruit juice. Please. Please please please please.  I said to CR, “Let’s go out to breakfast at the Egg and I.”  He agreed.

Unfortunately, the delivery truck was late and there was no grapefruit juice. We had a nice breakfast anyway, but I was still feeling that craving, that very specific, needthisnow feeling.  On the way home, we stopped at Whole Foods and picked up some grapefruits.  Also, bonus: fresh figs, which I desperately wanted a few weeks ago and there were none to be found.

Trouble was, they had no juicers at WF.  Not even the little plastic ones. We searched high and low, but they were not in stock.  I was prepared to just use the food processor, but now CR was on a quest, so we headed over to Target, which had only just opened, and viola! There were juicers of every variety, from the $4.99 basic with a nice glass jar, up to a $99 model which will do everything but buy the fruit & veggies for you.  (I actually do want a juicer of that sort, but I’m not into spending that much money on a whim).  I choose the basic model and we headed home.

Where I made my own freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.  Isn’t this a cute little juicer?



Takes all of two minutes.



At last…….!

It was exactly, exactly, what my poor battered body wanted.  Don’t you want some, too?

And now I have a juicer, and a stash of grapefruits and shall make more juice whenever I like! La.

Last Modified on December 29, 2015
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8 thoughts on “Craving

  1. Cathie Linz

    I LOVE pink grapefruit and pink grapefruit juice and your photos are beautiful!

  2. Oh my, now I want some pink grapefruit juice! Yours looks so colorful and tasty and lovely and tart and sweet and…and I want some. I don’t have the fruit, but I do have a wonderful stand-up citrus juicer and kids who think it is fun to pull the lever. 🙂

  3. I love grapefruit juice too. My parents had a brilliant grapefruit tree — ordinary color, not the pink variety, — and a fantastic lemon tree, too, and I used to load up every visit. The grapefruits had millions of seeds, so juicing was the best way to use them. These days I have to buy my fruit.

    I did have a grapefruit daiquiri once made of pink grapefruit and it was yummy. 2 fl oz white rum, 1 fl oz pink grapefruit juice, dash sugar syrup, crushed ice. Probably more of a summer drink.

  4. The body wants what the body wants! And such a pretty juice, to boot. Hope you’re recovering well 🙂


  5. Rochelle

    That looks delish. I love grapefruit and when I was pregnant I had such a citrus craving. Grapefruit and oranges every day. Yum.

  6. Kelly

    Well, thanks to you I now want grapefruit juice AND a juicer! Ah the power of suggestion. Cravings of any sort make me smile. It’s kind of like… “Where did that come from?” More often than not the craving will bring back some form of happy memory. Sounds weird, huh? I’m going to stop writing now. Great story!

  7. stephanie

    I have that juicer! I ‘inherited’ it. It has some 1970s floral-y type pattern painted on the sides and I got it when I was cleaning out my adopted aunts apartment after she passed away, but works like new:)

    I always crave citrus in the winter. My theory is that it helps with seasonal dehydration. I never seem to be able to drink enough water in the winter. I have to be careful though because my stomach can’t handle the acid, so no grapefruit juice for me.

  8. I wonder if that’s true, Stephanie, that it helps with dehydration. I find the same thing, that I just can’t get enough water. But it is horribly, horribly dry here. It hasn’t rained or snowed in any meaningful way in months.

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