Day 2

The Otherland Chronicles continue….

When I got home, my grandmother was slumped in her chair, fast asleep in front of the television.  Her nurse, Trina, sat knitting on the couch beside her.  She lifted her chin at me, big round glasses reflecting the sitcom.

One thought on “Day 2

  1. Brynn Constanza

    This (It’s for the children page under the Miscellaneous section of this weblog) is crap. Who wrote this? No one have the courage to sign their name to this tripe (something poor, worthless, or offensive)? Did you just make it up, post it, and now it’s “fact”? No teacher I know would have written this. I’m betting written by someone with COAST; just blame teachers for economic woes. Spend a week with a classroom teacher; do their job for that week and then sign your name to this. Look at all the local school districts, their boards of education and association members. ALL are freezing salaries, holding off step raises, working together to keep their districts fiscally sound while maintaining the integrity of their academic programs. Staff is being cut to bare bones, department budgets slashed. Yet the bottom line, the OAA (Ohio Achievement Assessments), national tests, ACT, SAT goals remain. In fact, the OAA requirements have increased over the years in order to maintain compliance, meet AYP goals and earn “excellent” ratings for our communities. I’m tired of teacher bashing. Just today, the city of Cincinnati has been approved to begin spending $29 million federal dollars on a street car that will loop 3 miles of Cincinnati streets. Really? That’s best use of federal money? It’s my money, and yours. Is this really the best use of our money? I would never willingly approve money taken from me to build something as low priority as this. I would, and do, vote for my tax dollars to go to my local school district where it makes a difference. Please direct your “outrage” over wasted money elsewhere!! (Comments by a candid, passionate, emotional blogger 6/22/11)

    Adm. says:,
    1) Something doesn’t add up. School officials tout their Excellent with Distinction rating, but Sycamore and others are NOT on the the Newsweek list. Why?
    2) Don’t let passion take the place of reason.

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