Stove Atrocities

This morning’s post to The Lipstick Chronicles.  What household jobs or areas are repugnant to you?

Photo by Ax|d-Works


I have an old stove—a dull cream model with ancient electric rings and a black front.  It’s serviceable, but little more than that.  I hate it when the sun comes streaming through my kitchen window and illuminates the splatters of grease across the control panel and the aged dust stuck to the inner hood.  I’m sure I must have wiped it all down when I cleaned the kitchen last night, but it looks like something out of a hoarder’s episode.   Dust from the wings of cat-murdered miller-moths mixed with flutters of dog fur mixed with kosher salt mixed with that creeping cooking sludge I can never quite identify.

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2 thoughts on “Stove Atrocities

  1. It has to be the stove, Barbara. It’s too hot to clean when you’ve cooked. And everything is stuck when it’s gone cold. Hate it!

  2. Interesting post! Thank you but i think your title, Stove Atrocities A Writer Afoot could be somewhat more brusque lol. Again, thank you!

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