7 thoughts on “Potato flowers on a Wednesday in July

  1. Ohhh, such beautiful sun rays and pretty pink flowers. I’ve never seen a potato plant and never thought of them as having flowers. Very nice photo!

  2. Mel

    Gorgeous pic!

  3. Suzanne

    This could be a painting!!

  4. Ruthie

    Barbara, all your beautiful photos beg to be a great coffee table book

  5. Barbara Samuel

    Morning light is the best.

    Denise, I didn’t know potatoes flowered, either, but these are very pretty.

  6. Lovely picture. Perfect to start my morning. Thanks!

  7. Vickie Harris

    Suzanne is right. The pototoe flowers could be a painting. I have a friend who takes wonderful photos of the things he loves and then has them put on canvas and sells them on a website. Maybe you could try it. I love gardens and flowers and herbs and am always looking for art for my walls of such things. Maybe more people than I think so too. Just a thought.

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