Target Club Pick!

HOW TO BAKE A PERFECT LIFE featured at Target.

I’ve actually known about this for a couple of months and could not say a word. At last I am free to announce it to all of you. How to Bake a Perfect Life is the Target Club Pick. There is a special edition of the book with extra features and book club questions, and as you see, a very nice display at Targets all over the country.


9 thoughts on “Target Club Pick!

  1. Monica

    Congratulations! I was so excited to find your book at Target yesterday that I didn’t even notice that it was a special edition.

  2. Marjanna

    Congratulations, Barbara,
    I’m guessing this is what you were alluding to in our class? I’m so excited for you. I’ve just started reading it myself, and can’t wait to spend part of tomorrow curled up with it and some coffee, wishing I lived near a really good bakery so I could buy a still warm loaf of bread and just devour it by the fragrant, torn handful!
    Happy New Year- May 2011 bring you as many wonderful surprizes.

  3. Marjanna, yes! This is the insanely good news that needed a lot of my attention (all the extra features and video).

    And I love that image of coffee and fresh bread….mmmm.

    Monica, that’s wonderful.

  4. Well, your book never came into our BookWorld, don’t know why, so I will have to go to Target or else order from Amazon.

    Happy New Year Barbara, to you and yours!

  5. Barbara, I opened “How To Bake A Perfect Life” yesterday. I’d recently read a book that dealt with some of the same issues and wasn’t sure I wanted to read more of the same. But I should have known to trust you. Your writing never disappoints and by the end of the first scene I was sooo touched! I can’t wait to read the rest of the book!!

    Then, this morning, I opened the newspaper, and right there was a very nice review of “How To Bake A Perfect Life” by Associated Press reviewer M. L. Johnson. Our paper (Florida Today) doesn’t put reviews on line, but you can Google the title along with the reviewer’s name and get a copy of the review for your files. Looks like a lot of the AP sites picked it up. Sweet!

  6. Leigh, I’d love to know what the other book was with some of the same issues.

    But also really thrilled to know you felt okay after reading the first chapter.

  7. Barbara, I soooo love your books!

  8. Ruthie

    Have downloaded your book on my Kindle. Will probably get to it by next week. Congrats, Barbara…well deserved. Your books are keepers!

  9. I have been waiting and waiting for you next book! I LOVED your last book so much. I never forgot just how much I enjoyed reading The Lost Recipe for Happiness. I just discovered that your next novel was published and I jumped for joy. Baking, mothers & daughters, ohhhh! Hurrah! I can’t wait to grab my copy.

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