Release day!


by Barbara O’Neal

Available TODAY in trade paperback from your local retailer, or these on-line venues

Also available as an ebook for Kindle, and Nook and other formats.


10 thoughts on “Release day!

  1. Kim

    Congratulations, Barbara!

    I got an email from Book Depository a few days ago saying my copy is on its way. I don’t know if you like having your releases at this busy time of year, but they are a bright spot in my Decembers.

  2. Barbara Samuel

    There’s never a bad time to have a book out, Kim. I honestly like this date, for all the shoppers out in the stores.

    Hope it arrives soon!

  3. WOO HOO!!

    *runs off and buys book, giggling madly*

  4. Mel

    I’m sending “HURRY UP” thoughts to my postman! Happy Release Day! : )

  5. Hooray! Congratulations–and you’re right, there’s no bad time to release a book! Everyone always needs something to read. =)

  6. The bookstore I work at has not received any….yet, but I am hopeful that this Thursday they will be in the store and ready for me to check in and shelf and put one away for me!!

  7. Barbara

    What kind of bookstore, Donna?

  8. It’s called BookWorld here in WI. A local area company that has about 50 stores in the region. From Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota. The store I am at is considered “small” compared to B&N type. I would say the store I am at is equivalent (in size) to the Waldenbooks that was in the Pueblo Mall.

  9. Read this the day it came out and loved it so much I forced myself to read slow so that it lasted two days;-)

    • Barbara Samuel

      I’m so delighted to know that, Cindy! Thank you.

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