I thought you might like to see the sisters.

More when I can actually sit up straight. After 6 days of conferencing and three of Walt Disney World, I don’t trust myself to cross the room, much less post about the conference.


  1. Best wishes on your recovery and super congratulations again on your achievements, both present and past. Wow, those ladies sure do look beautiful, don’t they?

  2. Wonderful!

  3. Congratulations on a well-deserved honor!

  4. Kristen

    Congrats!! What fabulous news for a great book.

  5. Karyn

    Barbara — I’m thrilled and delighted for you that THE LOST RECIPE FOR HAPPINESS received this year’s Rita Award. This is a great book in and of itself, but beyond that, you continue to be a strong and powerful voice in women’s fiction. Congratulations!

  6. Mel

    So pretty!

    Congrats again! Surely you should be in the Hall of Fame? Stop jumping categories lol

  7. Wow! What a great, wonderful, busy time! Congratulations. (I also love the photo.)

  8. Caro

    Yay, congrats Barb! So good when hard work gets recognized.

  9. Mel, LOL. I thought this WOULD be Hall of Fame, but turns out No Place Like Home was Contemporary Single Title, because Romantic Elements hadn’t been invented yet.

  10. Ruthie

    So well deserved, Barbara. Congratulations.

  11. Just WOW. They all look gorgeous together! Congratulations again!!

  12. Mel

    Well that seems unfair! They should give you credit for that given it’s the category Rom Elements grew out of. Next year!

  13. There I was sitting in the audience and gave a short fist punch in the air when they announced your name.

  14. Thanks, Rosie!

  15. Rosalie

    Congratulations Barbara
    I’m so thrilled for you! I’m left lost for superlatives each time I read a new book by you. I love them so much! (I describe each of your books as “huggable”)
    So I don’t have to find the words 🙂 My reaction to your award? “YES!!!!!” (fist thrust into air)

  16. Kathleen

    Another well deserved honor. Congratulations and thanks for some many wonderful hours of reading over the years.

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