Filling the well with sunsets, walks, and hipstamatic

This is the leanest period of blogs from me since I began.  I just noticed that I’ve barely put up a blog a month since the blizzard posts from DC.  I promise I will get back to more regular posts soon.  Honestly, it’s just been a very deep immersion of a book for some reason.  It’s hard to live in this world and in that one, and the book wins every time.

Walking, walking.  I’m nearly finished with revisions on HOW TO BAKE A PERFECT LIFE, which is out December 28, and am trying to inch up the walking miles every week to be ready for the trip to Spain.  Last night, walking around my neighborhood, listening to Enya on the iPod, I could feel all the annoyances and irritations of the day dripping from the ends of my fingers.  I was roaringly irritable for no particular reason (except that I am a wee bit ready for a vacation), and rather than be a grouch, I took myself out for a walk around my neighborhood. There’s a 2-6 mile loop I can adapt to time/circumstances. Some of it wanders by homes, and some through fields, and one long stretch along a drainage ditch surrounded by trees and grass, where backyards butt up against the easement.  It’s a dog-walking neighborhood, and a teenagers walking neighborhood, and a jogging neighborhood, thought that seems to happen more in the morning. 

Last night, the sunset arrived at the tail end of my 90 minutes ambling, and it seemed to last forever.  At first, there where whimsical purple fishes swimming through coral skies, and then snakes and eels, and spaceships coming to earth.  It is a vast, vast sky, and I succumbed to taking pictures.  Here are a couple of them:




The Maxfield Parrish sky:


Finally, this one is from one of my favorite apps in recent weeks, the Hipstamatic, which produces old-school looking shots.  Like this one of the sand in the park:

Cool, no?

What sort of artist’s dates are you giving yourself these days?

8 thoughts on “Filling the well with sunsets, walks, and hipstamatic

  1. Gorgeous photos, Barb! The middle one reminds me of a constellation.

    Me, I’m doing pretty much the same as you, that being walking A LOT with my camera hanging around my neck. I’ve been searching out some new recipes, listening to music, just waiting for the peace to flow in…

  2. p.s. even when it’s “lean,” it’s good.

  3. Ruthie

    Barbara, the pictures are beautiful. I swear, if I didn’t exercise, I’d be one cranky mess. I also walk alot and do split my workouts with weight training. I’m on a ‘clean eating’ fix lately, devoting alot of time with creative recipes. Have to fit into a beautiful dress for my daughter’s upcoming wedding.

  4. Ruthie

    Are you watching Top Chef Masters 2? Why am I not as excited this season?

  5. Gail

    My husband and I went to Hot Springs, Arkansas last weekend for a much-neeed getaway after a hellacious first few months of the year (mostly things that happened to me, as he laughingly pointed out when I was ticking them off during a conversation on our drive). I had never been, and it was a delight for the senses. First of all, the weather was glorious. Not hot, not cold. Perfect. I had some new walking sandals (Skechers Tone Ups, best $55 I EVER spent) so no foot pain. We indulged in a mineral bath experience at the Buckstaff Bath House which is the only continuously operating bath house still there, and of course that was amazingly relaxing and fun, not foofy, pretty practical, but so wonderful. Secondly, there were more azaleas, in every color, than I have ever seen in my life. I live in Texas, so there are some here, but not like this. They were everywhere – in ditches, against old trailer houses, next to warehouses, in front of every business and home we saw. In glorious bloom and colors, white, pink, hot pink, coral, red, and maybe a couple more I can’t remember. Just breathtaking. If they had a fragrance I would have been drunk with it. We also visited Garvan Woodland Gardens which was like a botanical garden but much more wild and natural. We walked for several hours along the paths among trees, plants, koi ponds, streams, and azaleas of course. I took hundreds of photos, which I hope to put up on my blog and Facebook page soon. My inner artist delighted in capturing the close up detail of the flowers and leaves, the amazing architecture in their beautiful wooden chapel, and once, in downtown Hot Springs, a lovely group of blonde triplets in pink flouncy skirts on a photo shoot with their mom and a photographer. I could not resist capturing a surreptitious shot of them, they were so beautiful. I really think I need to take a photography class because I just found so much personal delight in taking these photos, I surprised myself! We also ate some amazing Latin food, and several other meals that were delicious and enjoyable. I didn’t go on the trip intending it to be an artist’s date, but that’s exactly what it turned out to be. I came home refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of my year and with some new resolve about some changes I need to make in my life. And a renewed appreciation for the joy that can be had from God’s amazing creations in nature. Truly there is nothing better, except maybe babies and dogs.

  6. Thanks, Yvonne.

    Ruthie, I’m not watching. Tried the first night or two and just wandered away. Meh. Takes some of the edge off when the chefs are already established.

    What a fantastic artist’s date, Gail! I was in Tyler Texas once during azalea season and it was amazing. Can’t imagine more azaleas than that!

  7. Those photos are simply gorgeous. Thank you for sharing them with us. We’re in late autumn here in NZ and our sunsets, on clear days, are equally spectacular. They are a gift at the end of each day, that’s for sure.

    As to Artist Dates, I’ve fallen into my usual trap of too much work, too little time off, and my ‘well’ is well and truly empty again. Yesterday was one of those horrid grey dismal dank days where the lack of colour in the sky seeps through to your bones leaving you feeling colourless and lacklustre all the way to your soul. I hate days like that. Ah well, today is equally grey but feels less chilly and I have a list of things to get through (again 🙂 ) so no time to wallow. Lovely to see you blogging again, Barbara.

  8. Barbara Samuel

    Yvonne, poetry! Love the British spellings leaking out all over.

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