A sweet bow from her shy petals

One of my great desires has always been to have a greenhouse.  In a corner of my dining room is a small conservatory, a Victorian imitation, and within are a cyclamen and African violets.  This morning, this cyclamen was blooming and I spent an hour admiring it, shooting the light on its petals, diving into a wordless orgy of appreciation.  There is something so quiet and renewing about flowers, something that heals all those little broken spots and makes you feel you might be able to take a deep breath and keep moving after all.  

If I had a greenhouse, I’d probably never get any writing done.  I’d just be in there, shooting photos from twelve angles, breathing in the fresh exhalations of the leaves.

Is there some small beauty in your life that stops you exactly in your tracks?

4 thoughts on “A sweet bow from her shy petals

  1. Gail

    Barbara, I love your description of what the beauty of a flower makes you feel. I feel the same, and that is one of those things that can stop me. Also the beauty of trees turning in the fall just takes my breath away. A sunset. The view from a mountaintop. The night sky out in the country where you can see so many more stars. God’s creations are so surprising at every turn, no matter how many times you may see something.

    You are a really gifted photographer. Have you ever done a show or sold any of your photos? They are just gorgeous! And a beautiful photograph is another thing that can stop me in my tracks.

  2. Kristen

    What a beautiful flower.

    What kind of stops me….when my daughter has early morning jazz at school, the drive along the river with the fog in the trees, the mist rising off the river, the grey early morning light. I keep thinking one day I’ll take the camera and try to find a safe spot to stop and snap a picture (or two).

    The Jellybeans, three kittens I kept, often stop me in my tracks to admire the simplicity of them while they sleep all cuddled up.

    Thanks for sharing that beautiful shot of a gorgeous flower.

  3. Barb

    My husband’s face. Most beautiful face in the universe to me.

  4. Barbara Samuel

    Gail, I’ve never done anything with my photos. I just play with it, and enjoy it at that level.

    The Jellybeans! Great name. Love the sound of the river and fog, too.

    Oh, Barb. Lovely.

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