1 day till THE SECRET OF EVERYTHING arrives in stores

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Not long now!

I get so excited when it gets so close. I’ve known Tessa and Sam (oh, you will love her father!) and Vince and Natalie (darling, troubled Natalie) for more than two years. Very happy for you to be able to finally meet them.

Here’s my favorite review of the week, from the B&N.com website:

“December 21, 2009: The Secret of Everything is a beautiful story about love and family, good food and gorgeous landscape, faithful dogs and a mysterious town. Tessa is a hiking tour guide who is recovering from a traumatic, near drowning experience. As she recovers strange memories from her mysterious childhood begin to surface. She sets out for Los Ladrones, the small town in New Mexico where she was born, in an attempt to uncover the truth.

“What a gorgeous book! The strength here is in the real, down to earth characters. I just fell in love with them and then became so wrapped up in their stories I couldn’t put the book down. The detailed descriptions of New Mexican landscape, its ferocious storms, and the enticing food are icing on the cake. The plot is unique enough to be interesting and only requires a little suspension of belief. Barbara O’Neal writes the kind of captivating novels that keep me up late at night turning pages. I will anxiously await her next one!”

7 thoughts on “1 day till THE SECRET OF EVERYTHING arrives in stores

  1. Ruthie

    It’s already pre-ordered on my Kindle. yay!

  2. Barb

    I’ve pre-ordered it from amazon.com. Can’t wait!

  3. Tony

    I happen to be reading it now. Borders in Ann Arbor put it on the shelves Dec. 23. (Right next to The English Patient in Literature!)

  4. Holly

    I’m eagerly awaiting this book. I’ll be at Borders on the 29th to buy it.

  5. Holly

    I meant to add that I’m also impatiently awaiting “Chalice.”

  6. Hey, not bad company!

    Holly, I keep forgetting that I also have a novella collection out! And it’s the best one we’ve done so far–I’m madly in love with my faery world in this one.

    Going to correct that right now!

  7. Just got home from Book World here in Fond du Lac, WI and bought “The Secret of Everything”. Cannot wait to dig in!

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