Little happinesses

Door to the Happiness! by ToniVC.

The Door to Happiness by ToniVC

I’ve been trying for ages to figure out how to upload photos to the header on this page.  You may not have noticed that the image changes, but I really like it, and it’s fun to play with, and as you know, play is very important to the life of a writer  everybody.   I didn’t know you had to have an ftp client to upload ftp stuff. 

Anyway, two kindly fellows helped me out and now I’ll be adding little slices of photo for your amusement.  (You should have seen me dancing around my office when the first of my photos actually loaded.)

Son is safely ensconsed in an East Village sublet.  CR and I are getting things together to spend 4th of July in Michigan, to celebrate his first year as a US citizen.  

I have a couple of real blogs ready to go up in the next couple of days.  In the meantime, I’ve been twittering and facebooking.  Oh, and I did post a blog on writing over at Writer Unboxed last week, on The Three P’s of Writing. 

All is well. Are you all planning vacations and holidays, too?

9 thoughts on “Little happinesses

  1. Your header has disappeared! Just a blank band of white now. I use Firefox. Would that make a difference?

  2. I take it all back. There it is.

  3. Kristen

    The header is blank for me as well but the picture of the door is wow!

    No plans. It’s more of the same old, same old at Casa Chaos. The kittens have discovered keyboards so no one is safe while working. 😉

    Enjoy your vacation.


  4. Kristen

    LOL.. oh that lovely shot of the raspberries showed up for me, too.

    I think I need some coffee and/or tea.


  5. Monica

    Can’t see the header art with my current version of Safari, but I could see it on Firefox for Mac.

  6. Leigh Duncan

    I love the raspberries. And the door is fantastic. Makes me want to dip my hands in paint and make my own prints.

  7. Hi Barbara, are you coming anywhere close to Wausau, WI…lol. I know that is way across the lake from Michigan, but hey it would be great to see you again!

  8. Sharon Kay

    I like the new header. I thought you took all the pictures and uploaded them. I’ve missed you here but will try the tweeter. Have a great time in Michigan. The cherries are ripe. We used to go up for the 4th just so we could buy cherries and then spit seed out the window all the way back to Ohio.

  9. A whole year since CR’s ceremony? No way!!! Oh, how time rushes by. I like the photos.

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