6 thoughts on “This morning

  1. LOLOL! I have that EXACT same Eeyore mug!

  2. You mean he doesn’t know?

  3. anne gracie

    I laughed. My office resembles yours, only more so!
    And I looked at the sticky notes on your computer and remembered an interview that I’m supposed to be doing. I have the sticky note sitting on my own computer, mind, but it was looking at *yours* that reminded me. LOL.

  4. Alison, that’s actually CR’s mug. MINE is Pooh, because I am such a happy, happy girl.

    LOL, Yvonne. I think he was startled at how bad it was.

    Anne, what I noticed in the picture was that the geranium was in dire need of water. It sits six inches from my face, but I had to see it in the pic to realize! LOL

  5. Hi, I’m having a break in the Blue Mountains (NSW, Aust.) for my 5th wedding anniversary. Was in Katoomba yesterday in a darling bookshop looking for something to read, and what did I find? Lost Recipe for Happiness!


  6. Lovely, Caitlyn! Happy anniversary.

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