New class offering: reclaiming the magic

For those looking for Voice, that one is on hiatus until summer, probably in June. This class is new, condensed from the original plan for Circles of Quiet and Girls in the Basement, along with material taken from my columns.

How to get your groove back and find the joy in writing again

I will offer TWO sections, one for published authors and one for aspiring.  This is to help everyone feel more comfortable and free to talk about your problems.  In addition, if you’d like to be anonymous, I have figured out a way to make that happen.  This seems to be a particular concern for published writers who might have had publisher issues or other sensitive problems that have undermined their confidence and joy.  

Some of the topics we will explore are:

Clearing the Decks: remembering the original lure into the writing business. What to keep? What to throw to the seas?
Manifesto and Connection: honoring yourself and your own call to write; connecting to the inner approval guidance system: getting back to your own agenda
Particulars: individual challenges
Celebration: remembering all the great things about being a writer
Flexibility, reinvention, staying in the game

Begins March 2
4 weeks

Enrollment is limited. To reserve a place, email me.

As always, I’m offering two full scholarships.  If you are interested, please send me an email with “scholarship” in the subject line.

One thought on “New class offering: reclaiming the magic

  1. I would love to take the class but at this moment in time that is impossible. My mother passed two weeks ago and I am in the process of clearing up everything and moving to a new apartment. But I most definitely want to take this sometime in the future!

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