Lost Recipe arrives today in Australia



The Lost Recipe for Happiness debuts in Australia today (February 1).  I just heard that it’s on the cover of Good Reading magazine, and  I’m absolutely delighted by the wonderful reviews I’ve been getting from Down Under. 

Meanwhile, the US edition is going to a 5th printing next week.  (This is me falling over in a faint.)  THANK you, my friends!

I’m so jazzed about this Australian release.  (You can read about snow and cool off. ) I’d love to hear about any sightings.  New Zealand, too, of course.



4 thoughts on “Lost Recipe arrives today in Australia

  1. Fifth printing in a month?! I’m clueless, but isn’t that rather amazing? Big congrats.

  2. I’m not surprised at all and the 5th printing. It’s THAT amazing.

  3. Eva, that’s a gorgeous thing to say. Thanks.

  4. I heart this cover so much. And woohoo on the 5th printing!! Congratulations, Barbara!

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