Essay on the radio

This was so much fun:

I’ve been participating in a local radio/newspaper project that broadcasts short pieces from local writers on the radio, read by the authors.   To listen to one I did on a restaurant I used to work in, Pining for Michelles, click here.  Would love feedback.


7 thoughts on “Essay on the radio

  1. Tony

    Barbara Samuel O’Neal? Is this the official new configuration, or a nom de radio?

  2. Scarlet

    I listened to it secretly with my headset on in the office yesterday! I loved it, especially having read your musings on Michelle’s in the past. I had one of those “Oh, wow!” moments, though. I have been reading your work for so long and have taken classes and haunted your blog, but I had never heard your voice! Too cool, Barbara. Thanks for sharing it here.

  3. Scarlet

    Oh – and you should do a “This I Believe” essay for NPR! I would love to hear that coming from my radio some morning!

  4. Karen Varo

    Lovely. You painted a beautiful portrait of Michelle’s. My favorite part was your description of the uniforms, especially the cap. In the 1970s I waited tables to put myself through college, and even though my apron was black, I had to bleach the white long sleeve blouses night after night too. And yes, everything was swishy nylon! Also loved your description of your “Rapunzel hair” and the crystal pitchers. I’ve never had the opportunity to visit the southwest or Michelle’s, but now I feel as if I’ve had a small taste of it. It reminded me of similar long gone places I’ve known here in NYC.

    After having read so many of your novels, it was good to finally hear you speak on the radio. Even though you were pining, you didn’t sound sad. Instead, you sounded so enthusiastic and grateful for your time at Michelle’s.

    I just finished reading The Lost Recipe for Happiness and I absolutely *loved* it! Thank you for writing it.

  5. Barb

    I love the way you describe things – it’s very “L’Engle-esque” but it’s still very much your own style.

  6. Tony, pretty much. I’ll use both names so everyone can find me.

    Scarlet, laughing, right, that we have never officially talked in spoken language. Oh, boy, I’d love to do This I Believe.

    This was SO MUCH FUN. I’m really hoping to do more. I always loved reading to children (mine and any other I could gather) and this was like reading aloud to a whole bunch of my friends at once.

    Karen, thanks so much for all those kind words! Thank you for reading it!

    And I’d love to hear about one of your long gone places in NYC.

  7. “L’Engle-esque?” That’s intriguing, Barb.

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