Reclaiming the magic of writing at Writer Unboxed today

Wrote a piece on reclaiming the joy of writing for my monthly blog at Writer Unboxed today.  If you’re in the doldrums, check it out.  If you’re not in the doldrums and know how to help others out, please go and tell everyone how you do it.

Things I’m considering: when to schedule more Voice and a (revised) version of Girls in the Basement. If you are burning to take them, email me.

Also thinking about a group (Facebook group, private email, blog?) devoted to art and balance in someway.  Nothing super organized, but it seems to be one of those things we all have trouble with.  If you would be willing to help me, I need two or three people.   Email me on that, too.   If you have suggestions on the best place to gather, please put them in the comments.  

Brilliant Colorado day, BTW.  All of you frozen folks might want to schedule Colorado sunshine into your planners.

Now the timer is going off (see how good I am!) and I must get off the internet and finish my novella.


One thought on “Reclaiming the magic of writing at Writer Unboxed today

  1. kim

    This may be more complicated than you need, but a few friends and I use Basecamp for… well, it works out to be our own private LiveJournal site, basically. The free version is all you would need–it’s just the one “project” that you’d use it for, and the free version allows unlimited users (but no file sharing).I like the threaded discussion structure–they’re great for give-and-take in a way that individual emails aren’t. (I’m prejudiced against Yahoo because it seems to eat emails!) I don’t work for them, but in two years it’s never once had any downtime for us.

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