3 Words for 2008, 3 for 2009

Ode To Joy In My Wild River…!!! by Denis Collette...!!!One of the morning news shows has a feature using three words to tell us something.  People film themselve with cards and send them in–quite touching.  This morning, the feature asked, “What three words define 2008 for you?”   CR and I played over breakfast, and I thought you might want to play, too.

My three:  adventure, challenge, waiting.    For 2009, I’m thinking joyful, flourishing, and connection.

What are your three words for 2008?  And what three would you like to see in 2009? Post them in the comments.

photo by denis collete

18 thoughts on “3 Words for 2008, 3 for 2009

  1. Peggy M.

    For 2008 my words would be:
    Struggle, problems, worry

    For 2009 my words are:
    Family, Creativity and Joy

    Happy New Year Barbara!

  2. Barb

    My words for 2008: Illness, pain and love

    My words for 2009: Health, hope and love

    A happy and blessed new year to everyone!

  3. 2008: moving, waiting, decisions

    2009: health, creativity, patience

  4. Janelle Clare Schneider

    For 2008 – change, growth, healing

    For 2009 – creativity, flourishing, joy

  5. Thanks for this – it was fun to consider.

    2008: struggle, growth, faith
    2009: confidence, acceptance, family

  6. Nice exercise.

    2008: recovery, discoveries, friendship

    2009: changes, challenges, joy

    Happy new year, everyone!!

  7. Barbara

    I am enjoying these very much. It brings the year into a focus I hadn’t thought of before this.

  8. Happy New Year, Barbara!

    For 2008:
    striving, achievement, reality

    For 2009:
    health, development, brave

  9. Jill

    pregnancy, change, determination
    baby ;-), writing, balance

  10. Barbara

    Jill, happy baby!

    Yvonne, I like “brave”

  11. Yvonne Erwin

    Happy New Year, Barb!

    2008 bring these words to me: perserverance, seeking, equilibrium.

    For 2009: joy, overcoming, love.

  12. Thanks, Barbara. In the year before I published, Kate Walker encouraged me to be brave and in the following year I plumbed my writing depths, wrote past my fears and sold. That will be four years ago in April and I know I need to be brave to reach the potential I believe I have. It’s too easy to be complacent. I’m putting my words up next to my computer to remind me 😉

  13. Char Nottoli

    Cool idea. And I’m loving your new book, Barbara!!! (excessive exclamation points added cuz I’m excited about it. What a great way to head into the new year.)

    Okay, so for 2008: hope, passion, canvassing

    for 2009: passion, courage, writing

    I really need to take all the passion stirred up by the presidential campaign this year and apply it fully and completely into the writing with no excuses, like it matters every bit as much, ya know?

  14. Barbara

    Char, what a great thought! Right after the elections, I had that thought, that I needed to find a place to put some of that passion. It was so very satisfying.

    Thanks for the good words on the book!

  15. Mel

    This does make you think hard…but here are mine.

    2008 Waiting, changing, balance

    2009 Success, passion, blossoming

  16. Amanda

    Hmmm – I know the momentum of this post has past… but thought I would add anyway – gives me a point of reference:

    overwhelming, illuminating, blurred

    peaceful, abundant, slow

  17. Barbara

    I love the combinations of words there, Amanda!

    (And a reply always shows up on the sidebar, so it’s never too late.)

  18. Amanda

    You know Barbara, I am pleased I saw this post and decided to think about it… I have now added these words to my “how much do you want it”… thaks for the impetus to allow myself to decided what I want! xxx

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