Kitchen Counter Still Life

I came in from walking the dogs and this was on the counter (I moved the spoon in the salt cellar slightly, but it was just sitting there like that). Worth a little side trip to play with all the shadows and light. The geranium broke the other day when I was watering and I didn’t think it would survive in water. The salt cellar was my present to myself when I moved into this house. Found it on West Colorado Avenue. The picture is one I found cheap, cheap, cheap somewhere when we redid our old kitchen. And the vase was a present from my friend Renate, of course. She brought it back from one of her trips home to Germany.

In other news: I have a cover for the Australian edition of The Lost Recipe for Happiness and will post as soon as I can figure out how to turn a pdf into a jpg.

What beautiful thing have you seen today?

8 thoughts on “Kitchen Counter Still Life

  1. caro

    I downloaded and used this before and it worked to convert a file.

  2. Robyn

    I just love the new US cover, I hope ours is just as good!

  3. Denise

    The first thing that jumped out at me was that the illuminated middle is in the shape of a house!
    Did you do that on purpose?

    Love the vase.

  4. Barbara

    Denise, it’s crazy, isn’t it? But no, the shadow was just there and I let it do its thing.

  5. Life imitating art? Great shot, Barbara.

  6. Some other gorgeous photo-ish bloggers I love, and I think you’d like, too.

    When you post your photos, you remind me of them, and they remind me of you.

    (and I’m browsing your archives because I swore it was you who posted about a contemporary romance author and said the book was wonderful and now I cannot find it…)

  7. Ooooh, thanks for those links, Eva! I just had a nice ramble. If you like these, you should also check out

    Can your remember anything else about the author I posted about? Maybe I’ll remember.

  8. What a wonderful blog she has! Some photographers have cameras for eyes and they make it look as simple as blinking.

    I found the post-it was Christine Ridgeway’s and I ordered Do Not Disturb. Thank you, again!

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