New (old) releases, in time for spooky month

I keep forgetting to tell you there are two fresh re-releases out this month.  Both are novella collections with fantasy elements.   I couldn’t be in better company

The first is one that was originally published in trade paperback quite awhile back, IRISH MAGIC. This was the brainchild of Susan Wiggs, who drew us all into her romantic project–and did we ever have a blast.  (There is also an Irish Magic II. Books that seem to stick around.)  Despite my friend Tom’s horror at my choice of subject material (he is living in Ireland, married to an Irish woman), my Deirdre story is one of my favorites.  Deirdre, feminist style.  I say she deserved a happy ending after all these years–after all, her only crime was her beauty.

The second is the mass market paperback release of DRAGON LOVERS, with Jo Beverley (my companion in Australia), Mary Jo Putney, and Karen Harbaugh.  This one is totally over the top, lots of fun, a dragon story set in Santa Fe.  Lots of fun to write.   If you missed the trade paperback, this one is now on the shelves.

We’ll be doing another group of stories next year, grouped around the Chalice.  I’ll finally have the chance to write my Romance of the Rose tale, that’s been waiting for years for the right moment to emerge!

One thought on “New (old) releases, in time for spooky month

  1. I saw Irish Magic on an end cap at the local Target store here in Wausau yesterday.

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