Well traveled egg cups

Perhaps some of you will recall my post about my German friend Renate, who sets such a beautiful table, and who once healed my broken heart by serving me eggs in delicate cups like these.

On the elevator the first day of the conference, I ran into Yvonne Lindsay, who gave me a carefully wrapped gift from her and Anne Gracie.  “Whew,” she said. “I have been so afraid I would break it.”

These egg cups are what I found inside, and I will admit to being quite choked up.   They are made of English bone china, as delicate and beautiful as any cups I have ever seen.  Anne and Yvonne found them in New Zealand and brought them to Australia for me to take home with me to America.  

Really, my friends–one of the best presents ever.  One day I hope you will come to Colorado so I can make you breakfast and we will have eggs in these cups.  


2 thoughts on “Well traveled egg cups

  1. It was Yvonne’s inspiration and she was the one who first spotted the egg cups. My part in it was simply to, um, egg her on ; )

    The stand was the deciding factor. It made the egg cups just that little bit more special, so we thought it would be a nice reminder of Australia and New Zealand. Enjoy.

  2. Egg me on? snort! In this case, two (egg) heads were better than one. But yeah, the stand made what were pretty egg cups, ceremonial egg cups, and therefore perfect for their recipient.

    Barbara, if I’m ever in Colorado it would be a privilege to enjoy breakfast with you.

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