Local pleasures

Yesterday, CR and I went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo to see the new Rocky Mountain Wild exhibit. This is a zoo worth visiting, truly–not large, but built along the mountain overlooking Colorado Springs, and the exhibits are more and more animal friendly.   We were anxious to see the baby tiger that was partly nutured by a dog (studies have shown cubs thrive more complelely when fostered by dogs), and he was fast asleep on the keeper’s lap.  Tough job, that one, letting a tiger cub sleep on your legs.

The main goal was to see the bears, up close, in my quest to understand and be peaceful with them.  And I have to say, it worked.  There were two grizzlies tussling together, making me think of seven year old boys, and their “river” was filled with rainbow trout, swimming around unaware they were doomed.  It was strangely thrilling to see them in the greenish water, silvery and tinged with rose and green.  We visited the mountain lions and saw the lynx, who was quite annoyed with a mapie teasing him.   I always think it would be great to have a pet who was a small wildcat–a lynx or a snow leopard or the like.  I bet the coyotes wouldn’t tangle with him!  

This zoo is known for its giraffes, and I have loved their calm eyes since I was a small child.  They are gentel creatures.  Right after I took this shot, the skies opened and drowned us thoroughly, including hail.

My next post will be from Oz. 

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  1. Giraffes have the best eyelashes in the world. And I’ve always wanted a job that involves having a tiger cub snuggle on my lap.

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