You just put one foot in front of the other

25 days until the Rocky Mountain Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.   Two things make this event a little different:  it’s the first “destination” event, and it’s being held in a breathtakingly beautiful spot in the Colorado Rockies.  Keystone to Dillon to Breckenridge (for those who know the area.)   And there is an “altitude checkpoint” at 13.1 miles the first day.   Not worried about that part (did you know that babies born at high altitudes grow larger lungs?) but I expect there will be some people who have trouble. 

I am beginning to really look forward to it.  To seeing the people who are there, who are walking, as I am.  Who they are walking for.  Why they are walking. 

I haven’t been posting walking logs, mainly because there just has not been time.  But trust me, I’ve been training.  And…well, just walking.   Rather than sum up my mileage for the past month, here are a few highlights:

Longest walk so far: 20 miles.   My feet definitely hurt by the end, but they were fine the next day. The big problem is boredom.  It takes a long time to walk 20 miles and there you are, walking along. And walking along.  And walking along.  Listening to music is good, but I get tired of that, too.  The vistas are beautiful, of course, but how many hours can you really look at the same exact view of Pikes Peak? 

Coolest walk: Three weeks ago, CR was orienteering in Buena Vista and I decided to walk from the town up into the mountains to the site of the start.   It was about 9 miles, not that far, but let me tell you–I was pretty freaked out for some of it.  All alone.  Mostly on roads, and there were cyclists every now and then, but there I was, walking and walking.   I was giddy with the glee of not being dead by the time I arrived at the site, and very proud of myself for doing it.

Also, I have to admit, it was fun.  And really pretty.  Also, I received an entire book idea, so being on foot by yourself is sometimes a good thing. 

Best City Walk:  Chelsea to Central Park to Zabars–again, not so many miles, though somehow it shocks me that the entire island of Manhattan is only 8 miles tip to toe.  It feels much farther.   I never get tired of walking the city, though.  There is something to see every single block. Something odd or beautiful or gritty or sick.   Something. 

Hardest walk: like idiots, my hiking buddies and I headed up to Pancake Rocks last weekend. Not dressed properly.  Too early in the season (though you wouldn’t think so in MAY).   6 miles.  Freezing.  Windy.   11,000 feet and boy did my legs feel it by the end!  But we felt pretty buff at the end and it was a good excuse to drink beer, so that’s never a bad thing. 

The pitch:  I am almost to my goal.  Short just under $400.   If you wish to contribute, you can do so here.       I hope you’ll consider it.

Not sure what to do with all this training after the walk.   Any ideas?  Seems a shame to waste it with a whole summer to go!


3 thoughts on “You just put one foot in front of the other

  1. Denise

    How about a “walking tour” vacation? One of those where you walk 20 miles a day and stop to eat at wonderful inns or restaurants.

  2. Also, I received an entire book idea, so being on foot by yourself is sometimes a good thing.

    Congratulations on the idea, and best of luck on that walk!

  3. Denise, that’s a great idea! I’m also going to tackle Pikes Peak again, probably sometime in July.

    Thanks, Teri!

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