Sari Dreams

Colourful Rajasthan — Rainbow Colours #1

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Last night, I dreamed I was wearing a sari. It was pink silk, embroidered with gold and green, and I was so happy to realize that having it on must mean I had finally made it to India.

No surprise. Anthony Bourdain when to Mumbai and Calcutta on NO RESERVATIONS last night, and a few days before, I watched The Darjeeling Limited on pay per view. (Which I didn’t expect to like, honestly, but it was quirky and fun, and what I loved was the train, so beautifully decorated).

Anyway, looking for a photo to illustrated a dream of a sari, I found this photographer’s work on Flickr. His photos are saturated with color, and a sense of composition and beauty that led me to wander around his collections for more than an hour. Perhaps you will enjoy them, too.

When I look at these photos, I wonder how anyone could not yearn to visit India.

4 thoughts on “Sari Dreams

  1. Gail Clark

    Barbara, you would have loved a photo we saw at the arts festival last weekend. It was of a big group of women in beautifully colored saris, all facing away from the camera (not sure what they were doing), but one woman was holding a little girl of around 2 or 3, and she was looking straight into the camera. It literally took my breath away, and I stood there pondering in wonder how long the photographer had to stand there, and how many shots she took, before getting this perfect one shot. It was amazing. I have no idea what her name was, and I can’t find her on the festival website, unfortunately.

  2. Tapsi

    I love how some things can be so evocative, the snaps taken by this photographer are lovely. I havent been to Rajasthan in ages, and now am thinking longingly of all the places I want to visit there…having said that, not the most alluring of photographs will drag me there in the summer!
    Your work also is evocative in this sense, it’s so rich in the smells and sounds of Colorado, or wherever you set it, it makes me want to see for myself.

  3. Gail, that’s it about photography. There is so much more to it than just clicking the shutter. There is the seeing. The timing. The selection.

    Colorado has its own beauty, Tapsi, that’s for sure. I was thinking yesterday that it is so very BLUE. I’m looking forward to flowers blooming, for a few sparks of other colors.

    I had to look Rajasthan up on the map to see where it is. It must be a place where they shoot many photos to attract tourists (Incredible India!)

  4. Barbara, you would adore babasteve (maybe there is an underscore in there?) on Flickr. Gorgeous, gorgeous images of people from around the world. I favorited so many of his images he sent me a thank-you. I think he thought I might be some kind of stalker. 🙂

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