Training log, avon walk

Miles today: 16

Miles this week:  34

Ipod on shuffle, and heard things I didn’t even know were on there.

Feet are sore tonight for no reason I can name, except maybe just being on them a lot.   I ran out of water for the first time ever.  And I saw a lilac bush leafing out!

The pitch: I have committed to raising $2500 by end of June. 33% there. YOU GUYS ROCK! Thank you.

It isn’t a sponsorship, but direct donations to each walker’s tally. The money goes to many areas of assistance to breast cancer patients and their families–for example, helping provide screening and care for women who are under- or uninsured, a cause about which I am passionate. You can see my tally and goals here. Or if you feel moved to donate, you can do so, here.

The disclaimer: We all have things we care about and no one can give to everything, in time or money.

Lilacs with Pikes Peak in background taken with cell phone camera

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