A very English morning

 We awafoggy morningkened to thick fog here this morning.   Now some of you may be like CR, who groans and wanders off to work still   sleepy on gray days, but this is the weather I love best.   Cool and slightly damp, the fog quieting everything but the tweeting of birds who also seem to like it.  My sense of potential and creativity explode, and there is nothing quite so delicious as knowing I will spend the day sitting my my upstairs window, writing and writing.   Mmmm.
Does anyone else love gray days?

5 thoughts on “A very English morning

  1. Gail Clark

    I love those gray days IF I can stay home and read and write, but not so much if I must get out and go to work. At home, I love padding around the house with a steaming cup of coffee, doing a few little chores, listening to the morning news, and then settling down to work in my office or read in my favorite chair, with quiet except for my animals milling around the house. I have a couple of friends who get really blue when the skies are gray though.

  2. Debbie

    I love gray days here because we don’t get many of them. It’s a great time to curl up and write, read or watch old movies.

    Having lived in Michigan for the first part of my life, I can tell you they aren’t as welcome when you get three months in a row.

  3. Yes! I love those kind of days. Makes me want to grab a blanket and a cup of hot, sit on the sofa and just stare out the window…thinking…thinking…all the while.

  4. Yes, there’s definitely a reverence about those kind of days. I also love those days where it’s so dark you have to put the lights on. It makes me feel as if I’m isolated in a little bubble that’s all mine.

    Last winter I would sometimes light the fire on in the family room and use a laptop on an adjustable height rolling tray. I’d then stack a bunch of cushions behind my back so I could sit on the couch that faces out to the garden. Just being in a different environment, not to mention being warm and cosy, always resulted in the kind of writing I was very happy with. Of course I can only do that when there’s no one else in the house to disturb me.

  5. Talking about me, hmmm, Gail? 🙂 Yep, I do get blue if there are too many grey days in a row. But, I do like them now and then, especially if I can sleep, because there is NOTHING like snuggling back under the down blanket on a cloudy, misty day. Writing? Not so much. LOL

    I don’t like to be cold, and I do like sunshine a whole, whole lot. But, I’ve grown more tolerant of grey days as I’ve gotten older, and more able to be productive on those days.

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