Happy Leap Deay

Whew. Flu knocked me flat on my back, but I am happy to say I’ve returned to the land of the alert and alive. Kind of. I actually wrote pages this morning, so that’s a good sign.

Colander_leaf2 For you:

A photo taken a few days ago. These are the elements that make me want to shoot, that quiet light, the fleeting moment.

Now, I’m off to catch an early showing of the The Other Boleyn Girl. Have a happy leap day!

9 thoughts on “Happy Leap Deay

  1. I love your new blog!!!

  2. Gail Clark

    Wow, that’s a wonderful photo. What is it though?

  3. admin

    It’s a Canon powershot, Gail.

    Thanks, Vicki! I think it’s quite lovely and much easier to arrange things.

  4. Gail Clark

    Actually, I meant what is it a photo of? I can’t figure out what is in the picture.

  5. Love the new space. Elegant!

  6. Barbara

    Hahah, Gail. I misread. The photo is OF a colander.

  7. Love the new layout of your blog!

    Great pic! Oh, and I like how you have the recent photos in the sidebar too.

    Glad you’re over the flu. It’s really been hammering people this year.

  8. Hb

    I had no idea that was of a colander! Too cool!

  9. kari

    Love the look of your new blog. The pictures on top are fun.

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