Class updates

Still working on the Circles class, and have been tweaking the Girls in the Basement.    Voice II, first segment, is full.  Still room in Voice I.  Let me know if you’re interested.

And remember, there are two scholarships given away for each class, so if you want to toss your name in that hat, send me an email with "scholarship" in the header and specify which class you’re interested in. (I would love to be able to give them all for free, but they’re quite time intensive and that’s just not practical.)  You may also recommend someone else. 

For those who might not be familiar with the classes, I’m not a nuts-and-bolts kind of teacher.  You can get dialogue or structure from teachers who are much better at it than I am.  What I love is encouraging writers to discover how fabulous and unique they are, and what beauties they have to offer the world.

I was also exhorted by one of my spiritual teachers to help create circles of women to heal ourselves, heal each other, and heal the planet, and this is my small way of trying to do that.  Not every single class results in a tightly knit group, but some of them do, and many have helped create loose communities. 

If you have any questions, email me anytime.

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