The Jeapordy Link

A good debate friend of my eldest has been on Jeopardy this week.  (Dan Pawson, if you’ve been watching the show.)   It’s been a blast to watch, especially as he has become a 5-time champion, which is a really, really big deal.   I mean, really.  How many people can DO that???  Tonight is show #6.   We’re all watching with great attention, cheering him on.  (And really, he has the kindest smile.) 

Read more about him at his wife’s blog (to make it even more thrilling, she’s about to have a baby at any second–what a story to tell your child!).  Also, some of you might remember her from posts here, and from a link or two I’ve posted in the past. 

Just thought you might like to tune in for the great excitement.  Ian was here for the first two nights, so CR and I had the pleasure of sharing it with him, and now we’re hooked.  Go, Dan! 🙂

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