New Years Eve

Waiting tonight for the ball to drop in Colorado, I’m availing myself of a pair of I-tunes gift cards that came my way on Christmas (have I mentioned that I am IN LOVE with my video Nano?).  Interesting to be choosing things from the past on the eve of the new year. 

Here are some of the things I’ve chosen: 

Beggar’s Banquet, Rollling Stones.  Seriously–could you possibly call yourself a rocker without this CD in your collection?  Timeless, eternally perfect, especially (of course) Sympathy for the Devil.   This particular music has been on my mind because I’ve connected with an old friend and we loved Mick & the gang. We saw them in concert in Boulder….oh a long time ago. A massive highlight of my young life.

Downloading that led to (for no reason I can name)…

Lives in the Balance, Jackson Browne.  One of my favorite albums of all time.  I especially love the title song, partly for the words and the message, but also for the music and the Latin influence.  When I was a young mother, I’d play this song in my kitchen while I did the dishes and never could hear Lawless Avenue or Lives in the Balance without stopping to dance and sing.  I’ve heard this particular CD was his passion but it fared poorly in the market.   Speaking strictly for me, I’m very glad he made it anyway.  And now I’ve purchased it again.   

Thinking about dancing in my kitchen made me remember John Mellencamp’s Pink Houses and another concert.  Uh-huh is a fantastic piece of work, and some of the videos were masterpieces.  Mellencamp gets the working class, and he is a master of telling detail. 

Now it’s nearlySnowhike_200 midnight here and I’m going to watch the fireworks from the top of Pikes Peak, carried there by the AdAMan club, which I think I’d like to someday join on their trek.  Glad it isn’t tonight, though.  It is very, very cold.   (And, considering it’s probably 40 below up there, that’s a silly comment.  But how cool would it be to be on top of Pikes Peak at midnight on New Year’s Eve?  I wonder if they spend the night up there?)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  May 2008 be your best year thus far.

PS The fireworks are fantastic.  The snowy peak is illuminated against the darkness, making it seem like something stolen and magical.

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  1. Sharyn

    I got myself an iPod Classic after Christmas and have been busily unpacking boxes of CDs just moved down from PA and putting songs onto it. The very first one was Carole King’s Tapestry album. I still remember carrying David around on my shoulder when he wouldn’t settle and singing this album to him.

    It also plays videos, so I’ve put several videos from youtube on it…


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