Fox medicine

On Saturday afternoon as we returned from a little bit of shopping (too intense out there for CR and I), we saw a fox again.  He was trotting through the neighborhood in broad daylight, looking fat and sassy and perfectly comfortable. 

Last night, driving home from a meal out, another one in a different neighborhood. 

So that’s three foxes, a coyote, and two major dog incidents in about ten days.  Too many for coincidence, and a rather emphatic wave from the Spirits, so I’m paying attention.  Fox medicine, particularly, but also dogs and coyotes.

Interesting to notice: what I feel when I think of each of these animals is a sense of wonder and wild love. 

One thought on “Fox medicine

  1. Barbara I think the Spirits can be well pleased that you’re taking time to notice these ‘waves’. Too many people at this time of year don’t even notice the nose on their face with all the crazy running around. And ‘wonder’ is such a gift, isn’t it? To still be able to feel wonder in anything at all is a very special treat in an adult life. My two teens are spending time with two little boys (4 and 2) across our street and because the boys see things so differently my kids are coming home after each visit still filled with the wonder of four and two-year-olds. A definite reminder to take the beauty of life where you find it, and enjoy.

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