Meeting coyote, or why I live in Colorado

Look at him!


CR and I were hiking in the fresh new snow this morning and saw this coyote walking through the trees.  He wasn’t particularly worried about us, though a bit disgruntled that we might have cost him a squirrel for lunch.  He posed very regally for this shot.

(Click on any picture to get a bigger view.)

I’m still fizzing a little from it.  The hike, the coyote, the astonishing pleasure of the crisp, cold air, fresh powder, and views like this one:


And this one, a little later as the sun started to come out.  An old quarry on the ranch now made into a popular hiking area:


Finally, this one, just because the colors are so eye-splitting.


Will have to mull over what the universe has to say, since Fox, Coyote, and Dog have all been right in my face the past couple of weeks.   Loyalty, cleverness,  adaptability?   Hmmm.   

3 thoughts on “Meeting coyote, or why I live in Colorado

  1. That is indeed one very regal looking coyote. I’m sure the squirrel thanks you 🙂

    I also think of dogs as being symbolic of protection and companionship too.

    Beautiful photos, Barbara. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I especially love the coyote. 🙂

  3. I’m still in love with the coyote.

    Yvonne, good thoughts.

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