Canine trials

Jack_and_sasha_sleeping_3 Been scarce, thanks to my dogs.  Sasha had to be rushed to emergency vet on Monday night, thanks to a very gory head puncture wound on her forehead after a scuffle with Jack over cat food.  Tuesday, Jack was slated for surgery on his torn knee, so I essentially spent 24 hours with vets.  We set up a hospital in the living room so the injured pair could sleep close by us (what dog-loving woman would fail to fall in love with a man who suggests sleeping with the dogs so they’ll feel good?).   

Both are fine now, as am I. 

Left…there they are recovering yesterday, in our camping area.  I was reading nearby. Notice Jack’s shaved leg.


Sasha’s battered pirate face.  She was the winner, in the end, since she got the cat food.   


And here is Jack, post surgery, not feeling the best, but on his way to recovery.

Now to work for me, since everyone is fine, though I am working on a laptop downstairs so Jack won’t climb stairs looking for me.

EDIT:  I realized that it sounded as if Jack injured his knee in the fight.  He didn’t. He was scheduled to have surgery to correct a torn ACL.

2 thoughts on “Canine trials

  1. caro

    oh no! i am so glad that they are okay!

    when i was a kid my dogs got in a fight over food and copper (the littler one) had a chunk out of his ear for his whole life 🙁 Hopefully Sasha’s wounds are less permanent.

    We get to see you soon!!! Can’t wait!

  2. Everyone to whom I’ve told this story has a tale of a dog fight.

    I’m so looking forward to your visit!!

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