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People Magazine came out with its annual list of world’s sexiest men this week.   Topping the list is Matt Damon.

Uh. No.

Nice guy.  Smart guy. Really good actor. Lots of other complimentary things–he pulls off the Bourne thing very well.  But sexy he is not. 

I don’t argue with some of their other choices.  Johnny Depp has been in my top five for decades–creative and whimsical and that mouth doesn’t hurt. George Clooney isn’t my type, but I get why other women think he’s fabulous. Patrick Dempsey? Yes. And Brad Pitt, for all his strange little problems the past few years still has one of the best faces ever and an angst, a certain passion to change the world, that takes him right over the edge.  Plus he has that geeky thing with architecture. Love a man who loves builAnthony_bourdaindings.

The list made me think about what makes a man sexy and how individual it all is.  (Thank God).  Top of my
list right now is Anthony Bourdain.  Tall, loose-limbed man who is a chef and a writer and a traveler?  Duh.  He’s reckless and intense and in real life he’d be a pain, but he’s really in love with life, every second of it, every facet of it, every everything, and that, my friends, is hot. 

Who is at the top of your Sexiest Man Alive list?  Really.  Who?

13 thoughts on “Sexiest man

  1. Mel

    I so agree on the Matt thing. He has a few hot moments in the Bourne films but he is not my idea of sexy. He is definitely not THE sexiest man in THE WORLD> Not sure I can pick one sexiest man but my top few are Johnny (particularly as Captain Jack), Patrick Dempsey (who never used to be hot but has loads of hotness now), Hugh Jackman, Nathan Fillion, George Clooney (for the eyes and the smile) and Brad Pitt (sometimes a God, sometimes ordinary). I’m also a Chris Isaak, Bono, Robbie Williams fan. Oh, and for the offbeat ones, Ioan Gruffud, Hugh Laurie (which is so weird if, like me, you grew up watching his BBC stuff where he is anything but), Billy Connolly, Daniel Craig (gosh, there’s a real UK theme there). I’m sure I could keep going but I shall stop….

  2. Michele Olson

    Wow, I hadn’t thought of Bourdain, but you’re right! I think one of the sexier qualities in a man is a strong sense of integrity and a low sense of b.s. Bourdain has that. Sean Connery will always and forever be the world’s sexiest man for me, even if I don’t watch his movies!

  3. HB

    I disagree with Mel’s comment that Patrick didn’t used to be hot. I was an 80s girl and loved him in Can’t Buy Me Love. His eyes speak so much. Oooh.

  4. Sharyn

    Sam Elliott…be still my heart!

  5. Dempsey, Depp and Pitt all project vulnerability, and that’s what I think makes them sexy. I also agree about Bourdain. I think a conversation with that man would be one of the sexiest things imaginable. That intensity!

    I also just adore the Fiennes brothers. Joseph in Shakespeare in Love. Ralph as Count Laszlo de Almásy in The English Patient. Both of them. Yum.

    But my all-time favorite sexy man has to be Australia’s Jamie Durie.

  6. Christine

    Years ago in Melbourne, when I was a very young designer, I worked on a one day shoot with George Miller. Just me, George, and his sports car. He had the most incredible vitality about him, and he turned what would have been a very boring shoot into an amazing experience. And he never canned this little job the whole day. He was at this stage trying to round up financial support for ‘The man from Snowy River’.

    Years later I read a lengthy interview and profile on him. I will never forget the last para. He was asked if he had any advice for the folks. He replied ‘go with the passion’. ‘Just go with the passion’.

    This is what I think is sexy. People, and especially men, who go with the passion.

  7. I like all of the unexpected names I see here. So refreshing to see imperfection appreciated and all of the different qualities that make up sexiness to different people. My guys would be Skeet Ulrich, David Caruso, Michael Kitchen and Shemar Moore. Odd grouping and a large age range there I know. I appreciate Johnny Depp, Patrick Dempsey and Hugh Jackman as well, but they don’t inspire stories in my mind the same way.

  8. Richard Armitage from BBC’s NORTH AND SOUTH. A new discovery, but an intriguing one. Deep voice, Scottish brogue, intense eyes. Currently can be see as the Sheriff of Nottingham on BBC TV series ROBIN HOOD.

  9. Great lists. Definitely a British theme going.

    Love that, Christine–passion. Yes. That’s what I tell my voice students all the time. That passion comes through in the writing.

  10. Heather Lin

    Morgan Freeman. Only about 3 decades out of my league, but man oh man. There is something very sexy about a man that centered – and, of course, there’s that voice.

  11. Oh, Heather. Yes. You and me both. Those freckles. That voice. His beautiful hands. I don’t care that he’s way older than me, either.

  12. Rosalie

    Going with the British theme-Ian McShane and Ralph Fiennes; Sean Connery forever, and back home-Johnny Depp, Patrick Dempsey, and yes, Morgan Freeman who is NOT too old for me. It’s all in the eyes and the voice.

  13. susie

    I agree that Matt Damon is not sexy. I don’t even think he is overly attractive. Brad Pitt used to be hot, but he has not aged well….sorry to say. I’m glad he is doing a lot of charity work though. I agree with whoever posted the Skeet Ulrich sexiest idea. I wish People would recognize him. Patrick Dempsey is okay, but I think a little too over-hyped. I don’t get the George Clooney fascination however.

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