Soundtrack for the new book

I have been fretting that my process is annoyingly different every time, and as this book is brewing, I’ve torn out pictures from magazines, but haven’t felt even the slightest desire to brainstorm with a collage. (Yet.)

Then, yesterday in the mail, I had a package from my ex, who sent me his copy of Sonny & Brownie because I couldn’t find this one, and remembered he had it, so I asked if he’d copy it for me.  He couldn’t get copies made for some reason or another (well, I do know why–a little late to computers, this one, and the process flummoxes him).   


Oh, seeing that cover…..! I rushed upstairs and put it into the computer to copy and blasted "God and Man," which is one of the best songs EVER.   I played it five times in a row, swaying and singing along and letting those voices echo in my chest.  Once it was safely copied, I moved a copy into the soundtrack file for the new book, which so far looks like this:

Are You Alright? Lucinda Williams
Still I Long For your Kiss, Lucinda Williams
God and Man, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee
The Wind, Cat Stevens
My Lover’s Gone, Dido
Not Alone, Patty Griffin
What a Dream I Had, Simon and Garfunkel (which is not the name of the song, but I’m lazy and don’t feel like looking it up)
Every Morning, Keb Mo
Let Him Fly, Patty Griffin
Moses, Patty Griffin
Home, Marc Broussard

Now, it might seem an odd list, but often it is as much about the tone of the music and the emotions it stirs up as it is about genre or artist or even tone.  This is a pretty bluesy list, but there are some other things, too, and it is not yet complete, and I’m listening to tons of music, listening and listening as I do other things.  Wash clothes, drive around town.  New things, old things, I don’t care.  I know a song is right when one of the characters starts to move around. 

This is morning, it occurred to me that this is just a different way to collage.  I’m listening to this collage instead of looking at it.  That has often happened in the past, too.  Every book-child has its own requirements.

Looking at that list, is there something you think might add some nice flavor?  Do you do soundtracks or collages?  Just curious.

7 thoughts on “Soundtrack for the new book

  1. I love visiting your blog. It’s like walking into the kitchen of someone I have known for ever and ever and sitting down to visit.

    That elusive song name is “For Emily Whenever I May Find Her.”

    The moodiness of your soundtrack/collage resonates in my breast-bone. Mmmmm. Nice rich tapestry. A couple of songs that evoke the same response in me:
    The Blower’s Daughter – Damien Rice
    Goddamn Lonely Love – Drive By Truckers
    You Save Me – Kenny Chesney
    I Never Loved a Woman – Los Lonely Boys
    She’s My Kind of Rain – Tim McGraw

    For some reason I gravitated toward the guys.

  2. Ooh, nice list, Scarlet. I’ll go have a listen.

    I notice that I gravitate toward the girls. No idea why–maybe I can sing along more easily.

    I forgot one, too. The Snow Patrol song, chasing cars

  3. HB

    i hope home was from my monthly pando recommendation 😛 maybe you’d already heard it but man that song gets me.

  4. No, I got it from you, HB! Really cool.

  5. Tapsi

    I find that Kendall Payne and Patty Griffin go together oddly well…You should hear Kendall Payne’s ‘I Will Show You Love’, ‘Scratch’ and ‘On My Bones’; if you havent already heard them, that is:)

  6. Scribbling more notes for Itunes….thanks, Tapsi. I haven’t heard Payne.

    Love, love, love discovering new music.

  7. HB

    woot. I’m glad that my pando introduced you to something you love 🙂 I’m actually not surprised since we we share mutual love for tom waits.

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