Oh, the exhilaration of running!

My cousin Peggy said, "Why do you want to run?" with great bewilderment.  This morning, I went out for a very mellow jog in my new, heavy duty trail shoes and it was the first time in ages I just jogged along with no purpose but the running.   

And these are some of the things that happened while I jogged, so slowly, taking care with my knee until I could tell if it would bother me.  (It never did.)

All the cobwebs blew out of my brain, the dust washed away by hard sweat.

All the cells in my arms and legs and the marrow of my bones shook off their sloth and started humming.

The vague sense of irritation and impatience I’ve been feeling drained away.

The tension in my shoulders eased.

CR says he thinks while he runs.  I don’t think at all.  It’s like yoga in that way, for me–it makes the little girl in the back of my head stop talking and gives me a sense of peace and quiet.  It feels SO GOOD. 

2 thoughts on “Oh, the exhilaration of running!

  1. I totally zone out when I do cardio. The MP3 goes on and I’m all about the sweat and the music. Every few minutes I wonder how much more I have to go but mostly, it’s white wall time – what I try to get my mind to when I can’t sleep – a clean, white wall of nothing.

  2. Mel

    Sometimes I think you’re in my brain : ) My exercise routine has been completely shot for about six weeks due to travel and jetlag and travel and flu (and can I come up with more excuses) and I’ve been tired and cranky and foggy and feeling blobby. Goal for today. Move the butt. And make a chart to ensure I continue to do so.

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