Monsoon weekend

Outside my open window, an August monsoon is falling.  Rain drops the size of dinner plates pattering down, accompanied by much crashing and flashing.  August is the drama queen of weather in Colorado; the monsoons filling the lakes and reservoirs and streams.   

In a discussion elsewhere, a writer I know said, "Writers don’t just build careers, they build lives. Too often, too many let
writing suck everything they’ve got and they end up with nothing left."   Wise woman, wise words.  This weekend, the rains of life were filling the wells and reservoirs of my writing landscape.  The sights and sounds of the outdoors, a trip to church with a friend, a hike and orienteering and lots of cooking for the hungry, hungry runner in my house, a meal out at Zio’s, where I had the most luscious chicken piccata (has anyone else had it there? Wow!) and a long conversation with an orienteer from Argentina who told me wonderful stories of her adventurous life.   I read a book and a magazine I kept from a coffee shop because it had a great photo on the cover.  (I asked permission, lest you think I stole it!)

Next week, I have blocked out an afternoon for an artist’s date, ala Julia Cameron.  I haven’t been doing enough of them.   Remember artist dates? I think I want to see the movie No Reservations.   Maybe buy some new music for the brewing book.  Look at shoes for Italy.   

Speaking of that: whatever shall I wear in Italy at the end of September?????

6 thoughts on “Monsoon weekend

  1. What a great weekend you had. I was reading along, paying attention and then swooned when you mentioned Italy. My husband and I want our next big trip together to be to Italy. Soon as we get the last one out of the nest…soon!!

  2. No Reservations was good! Don’t forget Once, too, if it’s still playing. (What a pest I am, but I promise you won’t regret it.)

    I was in Marina Del Rey all week for a family crisis, and my computer crashed the first day. Got it fixed up tonight, but there is nothing like a broken computer these days to pull you into the moment and keep you there.

    Thought of your posts from Venice Beach a few times and I swear I saw the very shop you mentioned in one post (In Abbott-Kinney?). I’ll have to look at the archives and see if I was right.

  3. Julie, welcome back to computer land! I’ll look forward to hearing if it was the same shop in Venice Beach.

    Once has moved out of town, alas. I did try, and will put it on my NetFlix list.

    Rosie, I promise I’ll post blogs as I am able, so you can come along. 🙂

  4. Wise words that can be translated to fit all walks of life.
    No Reservations is based on the German film Mostly Martha.I haven’t seen NR yet, but I LOVED Mostly Martha. Enjoy your artist’s date.

  5. Oh, hey! I’ve seen Mostly Martha. Which I really liked a lot. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. Michelle

    I’m jealous of Italy, but I get to spend New Year’s in Rome. My brother and his family live in Rome. My sister-in-law bought lots of stuff from Lucy ( before she left. It’s fabulous active wear, hang dries in 2 hours or less, and comes in a size to fit everyone. You can order online or there’s one in Boulder. How close are you?

    PS. See you in voice class.

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